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With all the latest and greatest advancement in Technology, I just love going back to my roots and enjoying the simplicity of image creation.

Today was about seeing in 50mm.

Zooming with my feet.

Creating Portraits.

These images were created using my D750 and the stunning 50mm 1.4.

ISO was set to auto with a 200-1600 range. I kept my Shutter Speed at1/2500th sec and adjusted my Aperture accordingly.

I love the field of view at 50mm, it feels just right. I have been lazy not shooting in Raw mode simply because I don’t enjoy wasting time in front of the computer. This is why I love my Fuji System. The image quality is stunning.

Of late, I have been setting my Camera to Raw Plus JPEG and been doing more Editing. These images were all shot in Raw and Edited in Lightroom.

Very happy with the results.

The lesson in this post for me has been one of not being seduced any more by the newest cameras hitting the market place. I have enough gear for the rest of my life. I am dedicated to improving my craft and vision with what I have and earning money.




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