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Life at 50

There is something different about the 50mm on a Full Frame Camera compared to the 35mm formatted for a Crop Sensor.

The normal field of view on my FX feels just lovely. I can’t explain it, it’s perfect. Today, after Church, I created a few images and they all felt right.

I felt my placement for composition was good, very little adjustment. The 50mm is a beautiful Lens. My version is a 1.4, so for low light on my FF Body it is gorgeous.

As a tool for Portraits it functions perfectly well. This moment was created out of a very quick conversation with this Gentleman. I admired his confidence in wearing a Blood Stained Suit. He carried himself with great poise and panache. His name is Iver and I am greatful to him for the moment.

So, life at 50, millimetres that is, is very liberating. I sense real freedom and creativity with this Lens.

Would I Travel the world with it?

Yes I would…..and nothing else.

Creative constraints is a good thing.

Finally, 50mm and the power of light is all about the magic of the moment.

Thanks for reading.

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